16 Ceiling Ideas for Basement For a Wonderful Basement

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Even though the ceiling of your basement won’t be the principle point of convergence, it can add some allure to the room while not being over the best. There are numerous basement ceiling ideas that can add style while not detracting from the room itself. Below are 16 ceiling ideas for basement to help you add style to your finished basement.


Paneling, raised by materials, for example, foam or cork for controlling noise, can help soundproof your basement. More than that, it consumes up less room, giving you more headroom than your standard drop/drywall ceiling.


If you have low level ceiling and have low spending plan and need to complete the ceiling efficiently, and furthermore need simple access to the funnels and wiring of basement ceiling , apply paint on everything i.e. on wires, pipes and so forth and it is surely an extraordinary idea.

The ceiling can be more appealing by giving an intriguing surface which can be elevated with selecting the right paint. Light hues give spacious feeling while dark ones add dramatic elegance and a warm feeling, ideal for basements with calmer exercises.

Drywall Ceiling

Another incredible basement ceiling idea is drywall ceilings. It looks simple and it is very easy to do it yourself. Drywall ceilings are typically painted in white. You can however match it with the lightest color of the shading palette of your basement. This is perfect if you’re attempting to conceal the wires and pipes that are uncovered from the ceiling.

Burlaps and Joists

This may appear like amazement to numerous, however in basements, huge sheets of burlap connected to the undersides of joists work great as a ceiling. You don’t lose much headroom instead of making use different materials and it looks really pleasant. This is likewise a decent approach to cover those annoying boards as well.

Uncovered Basement Ceilings

If you don’t really need to stress over surges, you can pick uncovered ceilings. The correct course of action would leave you a considerable measure of headroom effortlessly, while as yet looking stunning, stylishly.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

These are extraordinary if you’re making your basement a stimulation zone for visitors, or plan on shaking out with the band. It will enable keep sound in and forestall resounding which can be an issue in a few basements.

Ceiling Basement Mirrors

Another basement ceiling idea is to introduce ceiling mirrors. Introducing mirrors on the ceiling upgrades the lighting that you have in your basement. You can use reflected tiles in a quick path for your basement to seem bigger than its real size. This is a compelling optical figment for littler basements. Ensure that you’re ceiling is not all that low to avoid crushing up the mirrors accidentally.

Suspended Basement Ceilings

Suspended basement ceilings are business in nature yet there are additionally great. The structure enables hamper to commotion levels particularly if you are there in your basement working. Besides, the highest bit of the ceiling can be gotten to with great convenience. If there are pipes and wire over your ceiling, having a suspended ceiling makes it easy to access them.

Art Work Basement Ceiling

Hanging or making work of art to the ceiling of your basement ceiling can be exceptionally innovative and mirror your identity while additionally giving the room a lit up feel. You can use a wide range of mediums to do as such, either painting specifically onto the ceiling or hanging ready-made pieces.

You can also go for stick-ons. There are a wide range of sizes and plans that are effectively put on the ceiling. The good thing is they can be removed and re-clung to different regions if you are not fulfilled.

Basement Wood Ceiling Idea

This ceiling idea makes your basement more alluring. It likewise supplies an extra place for organizing outing, particularly during any festive events.

Fabric Basement Ceiling Idea

Using a brilliant fabric on ceiling of basement is additionally one of the choices of ceiling outline. It gives a tramp tent impact to the basement. One can use a stable gun to staple the fabric of required color to the ceiling. Bright fabrics give a brilliant appearance to the basement. This is a low spending basement ceiling idea. This is solution is not permanent, yet, it can work for those, who need to make a sensational impact through their ceiling.

Bamboo basement Ceiling

Bamboo board can add style and elegance to your basement. They can give an appealing and garden like look when used with palm leaves and cane.

POP Ceiling

This sort of basement ceiling is made by applying a layer of gypsum mortar on the ceiling and give required impact on the ceiling as fancied. This kind of basement ceiling has ostensible thickness and most appropriate for the low stature basement. This ceiling can be painted in different hues as required.

Laminated Basement Ceiling

Nowadays, you will discover pre-finished cover boards, which come in some fascinating outlines. All you need to do is get covered boards of your decision, slice them to fit your basement space and after that introduce them in the ceiling.

Coffered Basement Ceiling

If you need your basement ceiling to have a stylish look, then coffered ceilings are what you ought to go in for. Coffered ceilings include profundity, tastefulness and class to the ceiling. Hang a light fixture in the center of the coffered ceiling for an additional impact.

As coffered ceilings can be exceptionally costly and you require a contractual worker to construct them for you, go in for this sort of ceiling just if you are intending to utilize your basement for excitement or other recreational reasons.

Rustic Basement Ceiling

This gives an ethnic look to your basement.


The ceiling you settle on to finish your basement is critical. It will be in your field of vision regardless of where you look so it’s critical to make the right decision. The above ceiling basement ideas can help you to complete your space while likewise adding a one of a kind contort to your basement.