Why Remodeling Your Basement is a Cool Idea

Most people have basements in their homes that look creepy, if not really incredibly dull. In order to complete a positive home vibe from top to bottom, it would be nice if you and the rest of your family would not be scared at going down the basement because it’s an essential part of your home. Thus, it would be a cool idea if you are to start remodeling your creepy and hollow basement into something functional and stylish; not only would this enable you to actually use your basement, but it will also help you in maximizing the space of your house.


Still not convinced? Basements are the home of pesky rats and other creepy crawlies that hide under the crevices of your creepy old basement. In order to get rid of those insects, you can call for pest control, but that will only be a minor temporary solution. The best solution to get rid of those pests is to remodel your basement; remove the stuff that the creepy crawlies live in, add stuff that are actually of use to your family, and now you’re never going to want to go and hide in your bedroom in fear again.


If pests are not your problem, then it must be leaks. In order to prevent leaks, you really need to remodel your basement. You’re going to need to get rid of old and leaky pipes and replace them with new ones, but of course we’re going to make sure that while we remodel your basement we don’t touch the parts of the basement that are still good to go. Improving your basement is a must so that you won’t need to have your basement repaired again and again by repairmen who don’t seem to know what the problem really is.


Basement Bathroom Renovation

We offer the best options for your basement bathroom so that you will not be inconvenienced the next time your bathrooms are filled up upstairs. Our designs are modern and sleek, ensuring no water will leak once water is installed.

Kitchen Renovation

Adding a kitchen to your basement will ensure that your days in the ragged and old upstairs kitchen will be over. Not only will an addition of a basement kitchens provide you more space, it will provide you more options.

Bar Renovation

Bar renovations will ensure to make you the talk of the town once you install a bar in your basement. Simply give us a call and we will provide you options in getting the best basement bar you could afford.


For those long and wintery nights, basement fireplaces have always been a tradition. This will ensure that every single member of your family will stay warm throughout cold nights without having to be scared about gas explosions and the like.

Theaters/Entertainment centers

Entertainment centers will no longer be a dream as long as you renovate your basement to become one. If your basement still has no use and you would like to have such a room in your house, renovate it now.

Recreation/Game Rooms

Some basements are meant to be recreation rooms where families could enjoy themselves without having to throw balls and smash windows everywhere. The basement, once turned into a game room, will serve as a safe space for your gaming needs.


Have you run out of guest rooms in your house? Then better convert your ugly basement into a guest room for your guest to enjoy. This way, you will not sleep in the couch when your grandmother comes to stay.


The basement is an excellent place to place an office in since it is very quiet. Simply renovate your basement into your work place and you will have some peace of mind while being able to concentrate on work immediately.


Because of the confined space that basements contain, they make great saunas. Not only will this help you relax at the end of the day, but you can invite some friends over for a long and refreshing steam bath too.

Family Rooms

Some family discussions are meant to be discussed behind closed doors, so it would be best if you have a family room to discuss these things in. This way, whatever goes in the family room, stays in that said room.

Workout/Gym/Exercise Rooms

Can’t afford to go to the gym but you have equipment that’s stuck in your room and can’t use it because of too much space it takes? Fret not, turning your basement into an exercise room will solve both dilemmas.

Basement Apartments

If you want extra income or if you’re already an apartment owner and wish to have more tenants, then turning your basement into an apartment should be an easy task. This way, people will have a home to live in.

We at basement-remodelling.ca will be very happy to be of service to you when it comes to basement design, repair, and remodeling. As long as there’s an old basement that needs remodeling and a new design to use, we will be on our way to finish the job and make sure that the room will be given new life. We will ensure that our finished job will be of use to you in the long run without any new repairs needed for it.

About Us

The basement-remodelling.ca was founded in 2006, and at first, our experts decided to specialize in all things related to home renovation, and that was how we started. At about 2013, we chose to dedicate ourselves in basement renovation specialization and finishing such as our main service. Currently, we use the best ecological high-grade materials in our work to ensure that we are both environmentally-friendly and cost-wise, so that not only will this be beneficial to your family in the long run, but for generations to come as well. Our main aims in mind are mainly safe, and environmental-friendly. We always work very quickly so that you will be able to enjoy your new basement with ease, using very safe methods so that we will not disturb you or your family while you enjoy your daily life and provide high quality services in order to ensure that every last cent spent is worth the cost. We always provide all that is needed in basement remodeling, which consists of basement designs, in whatever areas needed, minor to major basement repairs, and our main specialty: basement remodeling, which may also consist of some basement minor repairs as well, depending on the case.